Oceanside - San Diego Zoo
Discover, observe, and interact with wildlife from all around the world at the San
Diego Zoo and Safari Park. The iconic zoo is home to hundreds of species and
guaranteed to host a number of your favorite animals.
The Zoo: San Diego -  showcases the stories of some of the more than
3,700 animals that call The San Diego Zoo and Safari Park home.
 Harbor Excursion

Warm weather, ocean waves, and lots of fun things to do. These are the
makings of a great vacation, and you can find all of them in San Diego.
San Diego sits at the water’s edge of California, right alongside the Pacific
Ocean. Its coastal location provides ample opportunities for water sport
fanatics and nature lovers to do what they do best.
          Souvenirs and Shopping at the local mercantile and shops galore.
     Comfortable Lodging